Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 Ways to Achieving Straight A's!

Doing good in school should be top on the list of priorities.  I learned from my parents to keep my priorities in order:

1.God  2. Family 3. School  4. Basketball 5. Everything else

This has helped me keep my head on straight. So doing well in school is a top priority for me and hopefully it is for you too.They also taught me to not only learn something but master it and always exceed expectations.  So don't just try to do good in school, get straight A's! These are some tips you can use to get Straight A's in school:

  • Be neat and Organized! The more organized you are the easier you find the work you need to turn in and to study for. This helps keep you on the right frequency to being ready for test day.
  • Make sure to be on top of all your work and turn it in on time! With all your classwork turned in, you are already on track for receiving and A in your classes.
  • Pay very close attention in class! The more you pay attention the easier it is to study and you are more prepared on test day!
  • Be extremely positive and see your self ahead of time with a report card filled with A's!! Remember go hard or go home!!!! -Julez

Monday, October 8, 2012

Exposure Camp!

I attended the Dream Big College Exposure Showcase in September.  I was #92.

Attended the Dream Big Exposure Camp! Had an amazing time and played hard!
Remember complaining is for losers, get the job DONE!